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Welcome to Jackpearls

The company “Jackpearls” was established by Jacqueline Top. During her many trips to China she has discovered beautiful pearls of excellent quality and diversity.

Initially she purchased pearls only for herself and friends but word spread and there developed more interest. Being familiar with pearls and the market she arranged for suppliers to buy the most beautiful pearl strings, bracelets and earrings and had them imported into the Netherlands. In the meantime she has also compiled her own extensive collection. Her imports consist of pearl only designs or pearls combined with semi-precious stones such as coral, lapis, onyx, turquoise and jade.


If you are interested you may want to invite friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours to a Pearl Party where “Jackpearls” will present her extensive range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all of which come in a variety of colours.


Ook aan bedrijven en instellingen leveren wij parels als relatiegeschenken.Het is vanzelfsprekend dat wij bij u langs komen met een gedeelte van onze collectie zodat u zelf een keuze kunt maken.